Stairlift installers
in Los Angeles

Unlike some stairlift providers, we can complete the survey and installation of your new stairlift within just a few days of you giving us the green light - next day installation throughout Los Angeles is even available if it's really urgent. And that goes for more complex curved stairlifts as well as straight ones.

  • 12 Month Guarantee
  • Operating throughout Los Angeles
  • Requires no structural changes to your home
  • Affordable, installed quickly and built to last

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Stairlifts installation

Even the most complex stairlift configurations can be fitted on site by our skilled engineers in just a few hours. There's no need to wait weeks for a one-off rail to be designed and built in a factory then despatched to your Los Angeles home, with no option to modify on site if it's not quite right.

Once your stairlift is fitted, our engineer will put it through a thorough testing procedure designed to make sure everything is working just as it should be. Every component is checked and double-checked for optimum performance. Only then will our engineer guide you step-by-step through the operation of your new stairlift, which is designed for simplicity and ease-of-use.

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what some of our stairlift customers say:

"I would like to thank Acorn for the independence it has given me, as I can now get up the stairs on my own, also for the prompt installation of the stairlift and the engineer for his courtesy."

Mrs H Finch.

"Before the stairlift was installed, I was sleeping in a bed downstairs, but now I can return to my bedroom upstairs thanks to my Stairlift."

Mrs J Everleigh.

"A stairlift was the best way of keeping my independence."

Florence Bramall.

Frequently asked questions.

A number of factors will be considered to determine the price of a stairlift in Los Angeles. All stairlifts are custom-made for your staircase and trained surveyors will assess many different aspects before providing you with an accurate written quotation. This will include your staircase's design, the elements that surround your staircase, your personal requirements and any grants and assistance that you have.

This will change depending on the stairlift you select. The maximum user weight of the Curved Stairlift is 264lbs, for instance, while the maximum user weight of the Straight Stairlift comes in at 300lbs. An enhanced version is also available, which has an increased upper weight limit of 350lbs.

We are aware that stairlifts come in many different shapes and sizes. Many have 'fans' of steps either at the top or the bottom of the staircase too, as well as sub-landings. It's usually possible to install two straight stairlifts, fit a transfer platform or construct 'infill' boxes - all of which may be cheaper than installing a curved stairlift. Rest assured that an experienced Los Angeles surveyor will advise you on the best option for your home.